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Whether you’re looking for relaxation, sculpting your body, or both, we have the perfect treatment for you. We can also customize a program that fits your goals and lifestyle. Here’s a selection of the services we offer:

Body Treatments

Detox Body Scrubs

Have your entire body scrubbed in a  mixture of the finest ingredients brought from various regions around the world. The detoxifying nature of these scrubs causes lymphatic and circulatory stimulation, assisting the body in the detoxification and cleansing process. Since the body eliminates waste through the skin, scrubs are an excellent way to rid your body of unwanted toxins. To aid in this process, we finish your session with a lymphatic drainage to flush out the toxins.

Body Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle pulsating body massage combined with the benefits of reducing fluid retention, anti-edema, anti-fibrosing, anti-spasmodic, tissue detox, and improving metabolic exchanges. This massage stimulates the lymph circulation and movement, with very specific pressure points that follow the "lymph nodes road." This is a great, non-invasive Post-Surgical treatment.

Slimming & Cellulite Treatment 

Get ready for swimsuit season! This is an advanced method using South American cosmesudicals with a combination of breakthrough technology and manual techniques to sculpt your body and make it slimmer, over the course of several sessions. These manual techniques and strokes break up adhesions under the skin that can eliminate cellulite, lift and firm sagging tissue.

Prenatal Massage

A very gentle pressure massage for mothers  with the benefits of reducing fluid retention, improving metabolic exchanges and lower body circulation, and preventing cellulite