Signature Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

Prenatal Lymphatic Treatment

60 min, $285

60 min, $285

Specialized Lymphatic Drainage - Our most popular treatment combines a magnesium thermal wrapped infrared sauna session, followed by our signature lymphatic massage. The FAR infrared heat accelerates skin tightening and toning while promoting a naturally detoxifying sweat prepping the body for the massage. Our signature lymphatic massage incorporates modeling massage techniques to maximize the effects of the lymphatic drainage to helping to boost your immune system, increase circulation, decrease the appearance of cellulite, reduce swelling and sculpt the body.

Prenatal Lymphatic Treatment - The prenatal lymphatic treatment entails an hour-long full body massage specifically designed to ease the burden on the bodies of expecting mothers. This treatment does not consists of time in the sauna. We also apply our unique technique for lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling and inflammation caused by the pregnancy and promote circulation and oxygenation for you and your baby. It is the same price as our regular treatment and you may come in up until your due date, but not before you are 12 weeks into your pregnancy.

Cryofrequency Lymphatic Drainage

60 min, $285

Cyrofrequency Lymphatic Drainage - This treatment uses cryofrequency and ultrasound cavitation to stimulate tissue and break down deposits of fat in your body. It is usually recommended after a few sessions of our Specialized Lymphatic Drainage as your body becomes more sensitized thus yielding better results. It focuses on problem areas using radio frequencies that cause contractions in the tissue and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. It is then followed by our combination of manual lymphatic drainage massage resulting in tighter, smoother, and even skin.


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