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Our most asked questions

FAQs: Welcome

1. How many treatments do you recommend per month?
Our treatments are always customized to best suit your needs since everyone’s body reacts to the treatment differently. Therefore if you are looking for regular lymphatic detoxing then we recommend once or twice a month. However, if you are looking for body contouring results, we recommend that you come in once or twice a week for three to four weeks (this could vary depending on how your body reacts to the treatment), then dial it down to once or twice a month to maintain the results. Of course, this depends on the combination of a healthy diet and a  regular exercise routine. After your first session, our therapists can give you a more customized treatment plan.
2. How should I prepare before my treatment?

We recommend that you drink plenty of water leading up to (and after) the treatment and to not come in on an empty stomach, as you will most likely go in the infrared sauna. Also, we require that no laser, botox, or wax treatments be done 24 hours prior to or after the treatment.

3. How long do the effects of the lymphatic drainage last?

Everyone’s body reacts to the treatments differently and the combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise routine plays a major role in it.

4. Does lymphatic drainage help with loose skin?

Yes, lymphatic drainage helps to boost collagen production and skin elasticity. Usually we would recommend our Cryofrequency treatment which focuses on specific areas against fibrosis, cellulite and unevenness leaving the skin smooth and tight.

5. Does the lymphatic massage hurt?

Our lymphatic drainage technique is different from traditional lymphatic drainage because we fuse it with the modeling massage, which is used to break down the fascia underneath the tissue. Even though it is not a comfortable and relaxing massage, you should not feel any sort of unbearable pain. Although we usually use a range of applied pressure for optimal results, you can always ask the therapists to adjust the pressure to best suit your needs.
6. How long before a wedding or event should you get the treatment?

You can get a treat up to the day before a wedding or event, however for best results we recommend that you come in frequently leading up to the event instead of just once.

7. How long is the procedure?

Our Signature Lymphatic Drainage Treatment is 60 minutes.

8. How soon in postpartum is it safe to get this treatment?

It is safe to get this treatment three weeks postpartum for a natural birth. If you have had a C-section, then we ask you to wait five weeks to get a treatment.

9. For prenatal massage, how long before birth can you get the treatment?

For our Prenatal Lymphatic Treatment, you can start coming in after the first trimester and leading up to the week of your delivery date.

10. What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage?

Our treatments help with reducing fluid retention, reducing inflammation, promoting collagen to the skin, anti-edema, anti-fibrosing, antispasmodic, tissue detox, and improving metabolic exchanges.

11. What special oils and creams do you use during the treatment?

To prepare your body for the massage, we will apply our proprietary magnesium cream and wrap you in our osmotic wraps. Our magnesium scrub is essentially magnesium sulfate (Epson salt) mixed with other natural oils, which is used to increase your body's detoxification while in the infrared sauna. The lymphatic massage is done with a mixture of a cream and a gel. The gel is made out of camphor, which is used to reduce inflammation and promote circulation. The cream is a caffeine cream mixed with copaiba oil to facilitate the drainage during the massage and increase collagen production.
12. Does this treatment hurt for post-op patients?

No, actually for our post-operative treatments, we use more of a traditional lymphatic drainage technique around the scarred tissue. It is a slow, gentle, and superficial massage to focus on draining stagnant fluid and reducing inflammation.
13. How many treatments should you get post-op, and how soon after surgery should you start the massages?

You may start doing our post-operative Treatments usually four weeks after surgery, however, it can be done earlier with the doctor’s recommendation (a letter or email from the doctor is required). For optimal results, we recommend that you come in once or twice a week for three to four weeks (this could vary depending on how your body reacts to the treatment).

14. Can this treatment benefit people of all shapes and sizes, not just skinny people?

Of course, we have clients of all shapes and sizes that come in to celebrate their beauty and promote a healthy lifestyle.
15. Does lymphatic drainage help for women going through IVF / egg retrieval?

The lymphatic system is everywhere there is circulation, meaning it is everywhere! It helps to filter your blood from any toxins that would normally cause inflammation and swelling hindering functionality. Through lymphatic drainage, we have movement of stagnant lymph improving circulation and essentially boosting the effectiveness of almost every system in your body.

16. Are you planning to open new locations? Where?

We are currently not planning on opening any new locations, but we are planning on moving our NY location and possibly doing more pop-ups and appearances throughout the country. Details to be announced...

17. With so much detox happening in the body, do you feel sick after the treatment?

Nope, the detox is done through your lymphatic system for the natural release of toxins in your body. It is meant to boost your immune system not damage it.

18. I have 2 herniated discs in my back, will this treatment cause injury or hurt my back?

No, this treatment does not cause any injury or harm to an injured area. Our massage is usually focused on your abdomen and upper legs either way. Please discuss any injuries with your massage therapist prior to your treatment.
19. Is it safe to do during your menstrual cycle?

Yes, it is certainly safe, as long as you feel comfortable coming in.
20. Is the sauna safe for clients who are prone to fainting or seizures?

There are certain medical conditions where we do not allow our clients to go into the sauna, but unless the fainting or seizures are related to these conditions it shouldn’t prevent you from doing so. We do ask that you do not come in on an empty stomach in order to prevent any fainting.

21. Is there an age restriction for this treatment?

Yes, we usually do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to do this treatment unless you have authorization from a parent or guardian.

22. How soon after having a baby is it safe to get this treatment?

It is safe to get this treatment three weeks postpartum for a natural birth. If you have had a C-section, then we ask you to wait five weeks to get a treatment.
23. Does it tickle?

It might if you are ticklish on your abdomen or in your armpits (there’s a lymph node here where we must touch during this treatment.

24. Do you use any stones or tools during the treatment?

We do have a bamboo stick that we use during the treatment for clients who have come more than once. The bamboo does go deeper in the tissue, so we tend to avoid using it for the first session.

25. Are you planning to expand locations outside of the US?

No, unfortunately, we are currently not planning on expanding outside of the US.
26. How much is the lymphatic drainage treatment?

Our single treatment session is $285+tax. We also offer packages. The 5 treatment package is $1250 + tax, the price per treatment becomes $250 with this package. And our 10 treatment package is $2300 + tax, the price per treatment becomes $230 with this package.

27. Should I do anything after my lymphatic drainage massage?

Please do not shower or expose your skin to the sun until six hours after your treatment as the products are still in effect. We also recommend avoiding drinking caffeine or alcoholic beverages and eating heavy meals for the next 6 hours.
28. Please describe your prenatal lymphatic drainage massage?
Our prenatal treatment entails an hour-long massage specifically designed to ease the burden on the bodies of expecting moms. Unlike our signature body treatment, you will not spend any time in the infrared sauna. However, we do apply our unique technique for lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling and inflammation caused by the pregnancy and promote circulation and oxygenation for you and your baby. 
29. Can I do a lymphatic drainage massage if I am breastfeeding?
Yes, we would just opt to not use our camphor-based gel during the session. Please let your therapist know you are breastfeeding before your appointment.
30. What should I avoid eating after my lymphatic drainage massage?
You should avoid eating heavy and unhealthy foods after our treatment to promote digestion.

31. Please describe your Cryofrequency lymphatic treatment?
The cryofrequency lymphatic treatment is designed to reduce localized inflammation, cellulite, and promote collagen to the skin in targeted areas through the use of our unique technique for lymphatic drainage and cryofrequency machine. In order to achieve the best results, we require that your lymphatic system is circulating properly and that you have done several sessions with us. 

32. What is the wrap made out of?

The wrap is a PLA plastic, which is made out of soy instead of petroleum, making it safe for direct contact with the skin and also biodegradable.

33. How long will I be in the sauna?

We usually estimate that you are in the sauna between 15 to 20 minutes, the time varies because the therapists gauge it based on how long it takes for you to "sweat", which is when your body reaches homeostasis.
34. What are your business hours?
Our business hours are Monday-Friday: 9am - 8pm | Saturday: 9am - 5pm
35. Are you open on Sundays?
IMD is currently not open on Sunday
36. When should I arrive for my appointment?
Please arrive ten minutes before the start time of your first appointment so that you have plenty of time to fill out our intake form, otherwise five minutes before your appointment is fine.

37. Where are you located in LA?

We are located at:
407 N. Bedford Dr.

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

38. Where are you located in NYC?

We are located at:
240 W 37th Street, Suit 515W
New York, NY 10018

(Coming soon) 84th Street

Upper East Side
New York, NY 10028

39. What are the cross streets in New york?

7th Avenue and 8th Avenue


40. How can I book a mobile service in the Hamptons?


Due to logistics we don't allow self online booking, however you can call or text us at 646-265-1446 

41. What does your lymphatic drainage massage include?
Our most popular treatment combines a magnesium thermal-wrapped infrared sauna session, followed by our signature lymphatic massage. The FAR infrared heat accelerates skin tightening and toning while promoting a naturally detoxifying sweat prepping the body for the massage. Our signature lymphatic massage incorporates modeling massage techniques to maximize the effects of the lymphatic drainage to help to boost your immune system, increase circulation, decrease the appearance of cellulite, reduce swelling and sculpt the body.


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