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Irani Makimoto-Domino

Irani Makimoto-Domino is a licensed medical aesthetician who has successfully served as a massage therapist and skin care specialist for over 35 years. As a certified body work massage therapist, Irani has helped hundreds of women achieve the body they want through her specialization in post-surgical, Lymphatic and European massage.

Irani's clients include swimsuit and lingerie models who want to wage war against cellulite, moms who want to get back in shape, actors, post-surgical clients as well as men and women who care about their appearance and health. Irani offers one-on-one consultations and creates customized treatments that combine her various techniques, knowledge and skin care expertise from around the world. Her remarkable track record and years of experience make her one of the top "go-to" experts in New York City for body aesthetics.